All students of BISHOP BENZIGER COLLEGE OF NURSING are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the institution.


  • All students should be present in college/hospital at least five minutes before the commencement of class /duty (starting at 8am to 5pm).
  • Students are responsible to the Principal of the college. Students have to observe punctuality and discipline in class and clinical area.
  • Parents/ Guardians are not allowed to visit the classroom/clinics during working hours.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from organizing together or collective bargaining. Any redressal should be to the right person, individually.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from participating in political agitation and organizing meetings in the Institution premises.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the class, campus and library during working hours by the university. Cinematic dance and fashion show have been prohibited in campus by the government.
  • No collection of money or whatsoever will be made by students/staff without the prior permission of the principal.
  • All Catholic students should compulsorily attend the mass on first Friday of each month.


  • Medium of Instruction for all subjects shall be English. Students have to communicate among themselves and to the teachers and office in English.


  • While in the campus the students are expected to be well groomed and in formal dress. Saree, Salwar / Churidar and Kameez are the permitted dress for girls (No jeans, short tops or midy tops are permitted).
  • Male students should wear formal shirt (tucked in) and trousers and not informal wears like T-shirts, Jeans, etc. Students are expected to dress modestly.
  • In clinical settings all students must be in neat and complete uniform to maintain their professional identity.
  • All students have to wear their college identity cards during class hours and clinical postings.


  • Students should strictly follow the leave policy which is laid down by the college authorities. Public holidays for the year will be displayed on notice board as per the University calendar.
  • Five weeks’ vacation per annum as mentioned in the syllabus will be given to the students. Students shall carry out the health care services as and when called for during medical emergency situations. Bandhs and Hartal days may be declared holidays, if violence is anticipated on the roads. Students are expected to complete their requirements and compensate the required hours before examination.
  • Any special permission/ special leave should be obtained from the principal through proper channel before / prior to availing/ taking it.
  • In case of any emergencies at home, sanction has to be obtained from the Principal through the class advisors/class teachers/class coordinator.
  • Students who are absent for more than two weeks, without permission will be removed from the rolls. A candidate who is absent for a total of more than 60 days continuous or interrupted within a period of three months during an academic year shall not be eligible to continue the course with the same batch of students. He/ she may obtain special sanction for readmission with the junior batch from higher authorities (University / DME/ Govt. of Kerala).


  • Rules for discontinuing the course after admission will be according to the university norms. Details can be obtained from LBS prospectus and web site of Kerala University of Health Sciences.


  • The students who suffer from infections or contagious diseases are not allowed to attend classes and parents should report the case immediately.
  • Students have to undergo blood, urine, stool and X-ray chest investigations at Bishop Benziger Hospital at the time of admission and any further detailed evaluation if necessary. An annual health checkup is done and recorded in the health chart. The teacher-in-charge of the student’s health service will maintain the health record for each student. The student has to report to this teacher regarding any ailments or allergy, so as to make appropriate charting in the health record. Unless the student is very sick, parents will not be informed. Medical facilities availed (Investigations and drugs) has to be paid by the student and the amount may be refunded as permitted under the insurance cover.
  • When a student falls sick in the hostel, he/she has to report to the warden, when in the class room to the teacher, in the clinical area to the clinical supervisor. He/she has to see the Doctor and get the sick leave certified, if any advised. Parents of students who are absent or sick should report to authorities