We have advanced digital library with DELNET, OPACE and Wi-Fi. Our library is a quiet environment that initiates the individuals to think and gain knowledge through reading the books. Our college library has maximum 6000 books and 50 national and international journals which help to update the knowledge. Special hours are allotted for library to utilize maximum.

The college library is a place for quiet study and reading. Members should strictly follow these rules and regulations. The college library has an open access system. Use books freely, but do not put them on the shelves. Members may please take the help of the librarian whenever they find any difficulty in locating the books.

General Rules

Students should maintain strict silence in the library.

Students are allowed to take the books outside the library only after submission of the membership card. Students are not permitted to get books issued for others.

Eatables are strictly prohibited in the library.

Bags, Personal Books and coats are not allowed inside the library.

Students should obtain ‘no dues certificate’ before the university exam each year.

Put the chairs back in the proper position or Keep the chairs arranged in proper position after use.

Electric power is precious do not waste it. Switch off the fans and lights after use.

Do not replace the books used for reference on the rack. Keep/leave it on the table.

Mobile phones are not allowed in the Library.

Students are not allowed to leave the library during the library hours.

Issue of Books

All books will be issued only on the library card.

No. of books issued per membership card (Time: 10 – 12 noon, 1 – 3 pm)

Staff – 3 Books

Students – 2 Books

Books will be issued for a period of 7 days.

Staff can avail the book for a period of 10 days.

Books in demand will be issued for one day and returned before 4.00 p.m. of the next working day.

Reference Books will not be issued and it should not be taken out from the library.

Journals and CD’s will not be issued.

Previous Question Papers (University Exam) is made available in the library and can be photocopied.

Xerox facilities are available in the library which is on payment of cash. (Re.1/- per page)(Time: 11 – 1pm )

The librarian has the right to call for the issued books at any time before the due date.

Members are requested to see that the issue register is signed off, at the time of returning the books, by the librarian.