Student Support and Guidance Programme (SSGP)


  1. To emphasise on the holistic development of students.
  2. To address the academic and scholastic issues of students
  3. To provide interventions for physical, mental and intellectual issues of students.
  4. To overcome academic learning difficulties of the students.


Student support and guidance programme is a recommended programme by Kerala University of Health Sciences. It is one of the new initiatives in higher education. The programme was first launched in our institution in the year 2016 and is still continuing with the same vigour and zeal. The activities initiated by the college are communication skill development programme, lecture series on professionalism, time management, interpersonal relationships and spiritual ideologies, and interactive session on adolescent stress, positive living and self-esteem.

 An online study skill inventory is used at the beginning of the course to identify the student’s strength and weakness in academics. Personality assessment is done for the 1st year BSc nursing students during their orientation program. Lecture series on values, sexuality and gender, reproductive health are usually conducted. A trained faculty is available in the campus who is appointed as Student Support and Guidance Program nodal officer. Mentor- mentee programme has been initiated by the institution to empower the students in attaining maturity for better level of academic achievements. The team consists of 23 mentors and 197 mentees. University organizes meetings of Student Support and Guidance Program nodal officers in the institution.

 A subject clinic is functioning in the designated space to improve the academic standards and to raise the level of comprehension of students. Advanced learners are assigned to handle remedial classes for slow learners. A faculty is assigned for monitoring the remedial measures like tutorials, subject clinic etc.

For the career advancement of students, campus interview and recruitment are regularly conducted in the college by various esteemed institutions.

The practice has helped in moulding the personality of students through a holistic approach. It has also made a platform to identify the challenges and problems of students both in academic and personal aspects and provide them appropriate remedies to tackle those problems  

Subject Clinic
Subject Clinic
Campus Recruitment



Implementation of Nursing Academic Management System (NAMS)


  1. To achieve operational excellence in college administration using advanced technology.
  2. To promote paperless communication.
  3. To facilitate teachers in generating digitalized student’s monthly academic report.
  4. To maintain students evaluation document in digital form.
  5. To enable the students, access the digital timetable, attendance percentage and internal marks at any time.
  6. To help the parents pay the fees online and to know the daily attendance and performance of their ward virtually.
  7. To maintain digital student evaluation form.


 The system assists in decision making for quality and standard performance by result analysis, detailed internal analysis, individual assessment analysis and student absence analysis. Moreover, it helps in planning and tracking upcoming academic year or semester, online assessment, continuous analysis of performance, online leave manager and online fee manager. The other facilities include time table management, course planning, online feedback and survey and SMS services.

The implementation of academic management system has made effective changes in the institution. Digitalization became mandatory to manage the lockdown period. 100% of faculty, students and parents are regularly using the software either by web login or by mobile application. It makes the task easier by saving time and effort. 

Staff Training on NAMS
NAMS Services Details