1. Proper use of material and amenities: No employees shall misuse or carelessly use the material and facilities provided by the institution.
  2. Proper use of material and service: o employee shall, without proper sanction and without making proper payment, avail himself/ herself for private or personal purposes any material or service, which is properly of it has been paid for by the college.
  3. Employees are not permitted to accept gifts of any kind from students, parents, visitors, attenders, contractors, businessmen or other connected in any manner what so ever directly or indirectly, with the activities of the institution.
  4. No employee shall divulge to any au authorized person any information pertaining to any students of the college.
  5. No employee shall give to the press, radio, or any general news media any comments, talk, news or articles relating to the college without the prior written permission of the management.
  6. No employee shall tamper with the college records or notice.
  7. No employee shall disturb the peaceful atmosphere by demonstrating shouting, loud talk or indulge in any act prejudicial to the interest of student peaceful working of the college
  8. No employee shall indulge in quarrels, abuses, violence or any other indecent behavior in the college premises.
  9. No undue demands like salary increment, perks or position will entertained. These will be decided at the discretion of the management.
  10. No employee shall hold any meeting or distribute hand- bills, leaflets, booklets, posters or make collection of any manner in the college premises without prior written permission from the management.
  11. No employee shall disfigure or damage or write or other college property
  12. Employees shall not interfere with other employees work, disturb them or cause annoyance to them at work.
  13. Employees shall not eat; chew pan or smoke in passages, departments or other areas of the college except in those places specifically assigned for the purpose.
  14. Employees shall not bring liquor or other intoxicant to the college premises or report for work in an unfit condition or under the influence of any intoxicants.
  15. Employees shall refrain from using mobile phones in campus and classrooms.
  16. Employees shall be present for all functions of the college from beginning till end of the programme without fail and be involved in controlling the students and crowd.
  17. Employees should actively take part in all college activities like, CNE, TNAI, SNA, NSS, PTA, College magazine & College day activities, Seminars and workshop without fail.
  18. No employees while in the college premises shall have in his possession any kind of weapon or any other article detrimental to the security of the college or of person.
  19. No employee shall, stand for any political election or participate in any political activities without prior written permission of the management.
  20. An employee shall not do any act in contravention of or in the organization to any of provisions of these service rules or any rules or instructions notified by the management in the normal manner