We have the following LABS

Very spacious lab of twenty beds with all equipments. All procedures are taught first in the lab to the universal level.


MCH lab is easily accessible to the MCH department. It is well spacious lab , which can accommodate 25 students at a time. It is well equipped with all types of equipment’s, AV aids, models, specimens, mannequins, simulation models. The faculty and students uses the lab regularly to update their skill and knowledge.

Nutrition Lab

A well equipped nutrition lab with all basic facilities is available. It is well furnished, comprised of large dining table with 26 chairs. 25 students can occupy the lab at a time for working practical. Other facilities available are Refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser, 68 wall cupboards and a shelf, 5 gas cylinders along with that 17 sinks for washing articles. Charts on health education regarding dietary needs of various health conditions, recommended daily dietary allowance for various age groups are displayed in the lab. Every year nutrition practical,s are conducted for 1st year B.Sc. Nursing students, as per the specification given in university syllabus.

Computer Lab

We have a well-equipped computer Lab. There are 8 systems with Broad Band Internet connections. Students are allowed to utilize this facility to help them in their studies, assignment and research.

Fundamentals and Medical Surgical

We have a well-equipped Lab with 10 beds where students are trained to attain skills both in Fundamentals and Medical Surgical Nursing. Nursing procedures are taught through 3 Mannequin’s, a CPR dummy, an E.T tube insertion dummy and an Infusion hand. The Lab is also aided with essential instruments and various articles needed to do the procedure.

Community Health Nursing Lab

Well spacious lab with the capacity of 50 seats. We have 50 community bags. A well equipped lab with almost all the Av Aids, The lab occupies various models, diagrams, posters, charts, puppets, flannel graphs etc. The lab is well functioning. Good training sessions are planned and implemented in the lab for the students regarding bag techniques, health education and various community procedures.

Anatomy Lab

Bishop Benziger College of Nursing have a well furnished Anatomy Laboratory. The lab is maintained to accomplish the need of the students. 1st year B.Sc. students are mainly using the lab. The lab is arranged with about 5 charts of different systems, 9 organ specimens, 15 organ as system models, and 25 bones.

A.V. Aids room

A well-equipped audio visual aids lab with all state of the art modern equipment is present. We do have wall mounted latest LCD projectors in every class rooms with other basic amenities like OHP, Mic facilities and flannel boards. the other facilities available in audio visual lab include DVD player, stereo player, slide projector, portable LCD projectors and Screens, slides, flannel boards, etc. The college does have speakers in all classes for communication purpose and also for relaying important information’s. The college is one of its kind in the state to have state of the art seminar hall with full-fledged facilities including sound proof walls and ceilings, interactive board and in built speakers. Students have exposure to all the facilities available and are trained in all these aids.

Rules to be followed in the laboratory

Students are not allowed to bring their bags and personal belongings inside the labs.

Students must maintain quietness during teaching/practice time.

Providone Iodine (betadine) permanently stains the manikins. Do not use betadine on the manikins or the training models.

Ink permanently stains the manikins, students should only use ink pens at the tables at the end of the bed.

Manikins should be treated like people. Do not misuse the manikin or leave the manikin exposed.

Students are not allowed to sit or put any personal items on the beds, stretchers or wheelchairs unless practicing skills.

Students must leave the lab tidy by placing back the chairs, making the bed and returning all supplies and equipment to place.

Eating or drinking is not allowed in the labs.

Faculty members must ensure the tidiness of the lab after the teaching session.

In case of damage or loss of any item, the students must pay or replace the item.

The request to borrow items for departments’ community activities or students extracurricular activities must be submitted with a letter to the lab personnel at least 2 days prior to the activity.