1. Radio Programme on ‘International day of persons with disability’

‘Words can hurt you, heal you and it can transform our soul’. December 3rd2019  has been celebrated as ‘International Day of Persons with Disability’ all over the world. The stigma of Disability as “people who are not able to do anything” is changing day- by –day.

Bishop Benziger College of nursing had took the initiative to conduct a radio programme by joining with “The voice of Nightingale FM Radio Bishop Bnziger College of nursing and Community Radio Benziger 107.8 FM. Final year B.Sc. nursing students  were selected for this programme. Three of them(Ms.Ancy .B.Raju, Ms.Jinsha Jose and Ms.Reshma.K.S) for the group discussion session and one student (Ms.SoniaBenni)  for the live phone in programme on 03/12/2019.

On 2nd December 2019 during the group discussion session three students recorded together and  discussed about the definition of disability,the theme of 2019,incidence rate,health and educational benefits etc . The group discussion was broadcasted on 03/12/2019 at 08.15 am – 08.30 am and re- broadcasted at 06.15pm –06.30pm on same day.In the live phone in programme”KathoduKathoram” from 1pm to 3 pm,Mrs.SoniaBennichan attend this session with a support from Co-RJ and gave an awareness to the public about the importance of international day of persons with disability and also shared the experience of disabled persons in their society and gave motivational talk to them.Callers were encouraged to talk about their point of view to empower the persons with disability. Nursing tutor from Department of Community Health Nursing Mrs.Jyothilakshmi.J had given instructions  and proper guidance about the content to be discussed in this programme.

Four disabled people were at the live phone in programme caller’s list. Altogether the radio programme had seek the attention of the public  and made out the ‘stigma’ of Disability as “the ability of an individual to express his/her talents”. The callers were given inspiration like “being disabled is undoubtedly a physical restriction but being self-satisfied is much more important for their  success” is revealed through the radio programme .

2.Home Visit on ‘International day of persons with disability’

As a part of the observance of ‘International day of persons with disability’ the IV year B.Sc nursing students (04) from Bishop Benziger College of Nursing visited a house of physically disabled persons in Eravipuram and understood the real life difficulties he has facing in the society and also in his life.The students took a motivational class based on the theme 2019 ‘The Future is Accessible’topeople in St.JosephNagar, Eravipuram. Total 14 people attended this class.