As a part of National Immunisation day, IV B.Sc.Nursing students participated as volunteers  in pulse polio immunisation programme on January 29 and on follow up days on 30th and 31st January under the supervision of Mrs.Feby Fulgen and Mrs.Mekha.K.Gopinath, Nursing Tutors, Community Health Nursing Department. The programme was intended to cover a population of around 17 crore underfive children in an effort to maintain country’s polio free status. In Kollam district level inauguration was done by Mayor Rajendra Babu by administering polio drops to underfive child  in Victoria hospital. The district health authorities made elaborate arrangements. The target was to provide OPV to 2,25,782 children for which the department will have 1,806 polio booths. Government hospitals , Primary health centres and subcentres, anganwadis , ayurveda and homeopathy hospitals were having booths. Besides 54 transit booths were arranged at bus stations, railway stations, boat jetties and airports in different areas. 20 students were posted in 5 Transit booths with 4 members in each group. Two transit booths were arranged in the railway station, one in front of Nani hotel, one in front of BSNL office, and one in the bus stand. By participating in the programme, students were able to apply and enhance their theoretical knowledge about the programme and identify their responsibility as a citizen of the nation to make India polio free.