Model Action Plan 2016-17

Harvest Festival

Vegetable Cultivation

International Yoga Day 21st Jun 2017

Paddy Cultivation Inauguration on 05.07.2017






World Environmental Day  on 05th Jun 2017






International Women’s Day Observed on 18.04.2017








Mental Health Awareness Program (Mansik Swasthya Vichar Project) on  20.04.2017







The Swach Bharath Pakwada celebration August 2016










The Swach Bharath Pakwada celebration November 2016
















World AIDS Day 2016 (Health Camp Organized at St. Antony’s Reading Room Fishermen Society Vaady Kollam)

Republic Day Celebration 2017 ( Health Camp at Balika Mandiram, Kollam)




World NSS Day 2016