The world immunization day was celebrated on November 10th 2019. The theme of the day was Protected Together: Vaccines Work!” All the children in the country should receive complete immunization, including the missed individuals.

A radio talk was given on 10th November 2019 regarding the importance of world immunization day by faculty member of child health department and 1st year M sc nursing students at Community Radio Benziger 108.7. The talk included: importance of immunization, common doubts of public and its answers regarding immunization. This program was broadcasted on November 10th 2019 between 7.45 am and 8.00 am. 

 Health talks were given to beneficiaries including mother and children, by the 3rd year nursing students, in pediatric wards of Bishop Benziger Hospital, kollam on November 11th. The topics included, definition, importance of immunization, national immunization schedule, optional vaccines, adverse effects, and health education aspect. The group was cooperative and session found to be informative.