SWASHRAYA – An Innovative Step towards Women Empowerment

One of the sensitized needs identified during the home visit and survey in the adopted community area, Pallithottam was lack of basic hygiene and the importance of being empowered in maintaining the health of individuals and families.

It was also noticed that, at least one member of all families had some kind of health issues. On an average 25% of the total population of Pallithottam had Non Communicable Diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Heart Diseases, Cancer, Cataract and others.

As health care providers, we felt a strong need to make the women empowered in preventive, preservative and protective aspects of health, so as to promote the health of the family, and community in various dimensions, thereby contributing to national development.

Swashraya” was launched by Community Radio Benziger, 107.8 a hospital based radio in collaboration with our college.  The program was named as “Swashraya” which means “Self Sufficient”.  The vision is to empower the women to practice the primordial and primary level of prevention, like health assessment, healthy practices including good nutrition, habits, exercise, rest and basic care in minor ailments.

The program had 5 units in total which is being broadcasted through Community Radio Benziger 107.8 in 72 episodes. Each unit deals with

  • Fundamentals of Health and Illness
  • First Aid Measures
  • Basic Patient Care
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Environmental Pollution

Candidates will be also given two contact classes for the topics which need practical experience. The first contact class was conducted on 31.01.2019, after 36 episodes.

This was a dream project of Very Rev. Msgr. Ferdinand Peter, who always tried to find his vocation in empowering the underserved people of community, thus upholding the institutional motto “To Love is to serve”.  As Swashraya is dealing with a public health concern, father assigned the responsibility to the Community health Nursing Department of Bishop Benziger College of Nursing. The department Staff and the selected students of Bishop Benziger College of Nursing worked with intense dedication to make the dream come true. The programme is on air from November 5th of 2018. It is being broadcasted successfully.