An external audit was held at Bishop Benziger College of Nursing, Kollam on 09.03.2019 as a part of NAAC accreditationprocess. Mr. Abidfdaheem T K (Assistant professor, MIMS College of Nursing, Malapuram) was the external auditor. Principal and IQAC Co-ordinator provided a brief review about the institution. A meeting was held with principal, IQAC Co-ordinator, Criteria heads, Departmental heads and faculty of the institution.  Each criteria heads presented their criteria followed by presentation of each department. After document verification, a brief review about each criterion and departmental activities were given.


Internal Audit – February 2019

As a part of the preparation of NAAC annual report, the IQAC of the college did the internal audit for the year 2018-2019. Internal audit committee was formed which comprised of Prof. Anand S (head), Dr. Sindha H Mendez and Mrs. Nisha John (Member). The committee decided to conduct internal audit on 5th and 6th February 2019. During the audit necessary corrections were pointed out to the criterion heads and the re-audit was done on 11th February 2019. The audit was done based on evaluation format and previous criterion documents.